The CDLE Brand

Government can look good, too.

The full CDLE logo

I designed a comprehensive identity for the CDLE (Colorado Department of Labor & Employment), a state department that focuses their efforts on keeping Colorado's jobseekers and businesses working. The goal was to build an identity that reflects Colorado and conveys the sense of quality and professionalism that was missing from the previous logo.

The full CDLE logo

I built the accompanying Brand Handbook to make the final product as accessible as possible to all 1200+ employees at the CDLE, the various media outlets, and all of its stakeholders. At launch it contains the logo for download, logo usage, and typographic styles. (I particularly enjoy the Usage section as the examples are interactive.) The site will eventually expand to encompass writing styles, code snippets, examples, templates, photography, and an in-depth color use section.

The CDLE Brand Handbook website

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